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  • Amanda Porter

    Business Owner/Dog Walker/Pet Sitter

    I have had a lifetime's experience of looking after cats, dogs, horses, and rabbits since I was a small child. As a child and teenager living with my parents, we always had dogs, cats, and horses; then when I met my husband and we moved into our first house, off we went to Wood Green Animal Shelter for 'something to do', and came back with two cats!

    Since then, we have always had cats; at one point we had three! Then we adopted our beautiful greyhound, Ellie, who has transformed our lives in so many ways.

    As a teenager, I was determined to work with animals, more than likely as a riding instructor, but sadly instead I feel into office work and that's where I stayed until September 2016 when I was made redundant from a job where I had worked for 7 and a half years.

    In a way it was a blessing, because I was determined not to go back to being the new girl stuck in an office at the age of 41 so, when an ex-work colleague suggested that I would be good at owning my own dog walking business, I thought to myself "why not?"

    So, after a lot of soul-searching and research, and with the help of my husband and the New Enterprise Scheme, I set up Porter's Pet Services, and here I am and loving every second!